Services to Investment Companies

The following services are offered:
Systems and TPA briefings
Half or one day briefing covering all 23 packages currently in the market for handling unit trusts/OEICs/ISAs. Some of these can be readily eliminated, the remainder would be analysed in greater detail focusing on the suppler and clients, functionality, technical architecture, cost, processes and scalability. A similar briefing can be held for Third Party Administrators.
Systems and TPA selection
A detailed examination of the unit trust manager's operation, identifying special processing requirements. The development of a business requirements document with a full business specification of any non-standard processing. The selection of a shortlist of suitable candidates. The production of an Invitation to Tender customised to follow the particular requirements on the manager. Arranging and conducting site visits. Scoring and weighting responses. Producing a selection report and conducting final negotiations with the preferred candidate. All of these activities would be carried out closely with the manager's staff, my job would be to put the information together to enable a decision to be made, not to make decisions on the manager's behalf.
Systems and TPA implementation
The production of a detailed gap analysis. Setting up a test system. The analysis and specification of detailed requirements. Contract negotiation. The design of documentation. Setting up a model office environment. Functional and user acceptance testing. Specification and testing of data conversion requirements. Development of processes and procedures. Final implementation and production of post-implementation reviews.
Customised training programmes for staff, carried out on site. Topics can include unit trust, OEIC, PEP and ISA administration. Training to IAQ level including testing with sample questions.
Performance Reviews
Reviews of the performance and efficiency of the investment product operations at client companies with recommendations for efficiency improvement.

Other Services

Through links with other independent management consultants, a full range of cost effective services can be offered to the investment management community including:
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